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Input: 10 Output: 50 Input : -40 Output : -40 . Formula to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit: Celsius to Fahrenheit: (°C × 9/5) + 32 = °F C program to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit: The below program ask the user to enter the temperature in Celsius. After getting the temperature in Celsius from the user program convert it in terms of Fahrenheit. To find the greatest of three numbers in python, these three numbers must be taken as the input from the user, and the output of the program will determine the largest of all the numbers. To find Greatest of three Numbers in Python . Source. Let us consider three numbers x,y,z. If x=2, y=5, and z=8. The largest of the three numbers is z.

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Python 2 included the built-in function raw_input(), to get to prompt command-line users for a user input string. This function prompts the user to type in some text at the command line and returns that text as a string. The most common way to use this function is to assign its result to a variable, and then perform some actions with that data:. Write a program that repeatedly prompts a user for integer numbers until the user enters 'done'. Once 'done' is entered, print out the largest and smallest of the numbers. If the user enters anything other than a valid number catch it with a try/except and put out an appropriate message and ignore the number. -

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